Mary Culling, Artist


Mary Culling, Windows on our World

Windows are becoming a success theme for acrylic artist, Mary Culling, as she now brings her art and creative passion to Boulder.  Mary likes to think of her art as "Windows on our World" with her bright contemporary style and signature square format.  Mary's current exhibit are her abstract interpretations of Virginia Beach ocean scapes, working from her own photography, to capture dynamic visions to create another changing view.

  Mary's work has been represented in numerous galleries and juried shows in Virginia Beach, the National Boardwalk show, Third Ward galleries in Milwaukee, San Antonio, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. Her most recent focus has been painting acrylic and mixed media abstracts on large scale canvas, using a pallet of bursting color.
Mary's "Windows on our World" are ever changing so treat yourself to a visit to her studio.

Mary also offer painting classes and team building workshops. Get on her email list to receive an invitation: