Charlie French Fine Art

Charlie French Fine Art


b. 1991, New York, USA

Charlie French is an intuitive abstract painter, known for his compositions of bright and colorful shapes. Currently, Charlie resides in Boulder, Colorado and focuses primarily on large-scale paintings. Charlie’s process is to be free, and embrace a blank canvas as an adventure in imaginative freedom. He loves textures, layers, geometric shapes and freeform markings he calls Charlie’s Designs. Recently, Charlie has been inspired to create abstract landscapes, but always returns to his beloved and sought-after series: in the fathoms below, morning in Paris and snowy day.

At the age of 16, Charlie developed Down Syndrome Regression Disorder (DSRD), and lost his ability to communicate and engage with the world for over five years. Slowly he emerged to a plateau of stability choosing then to pursue his passion for art. Working with tutors and attending classes Charlie honed his skills. While he unquestionably favors specific color palettes and tools, Charlie welcomes new techniques and thrives on continued learning. Art is Charlie’s passion, Charlie’s therapy and Charlie’s choice: he paints almost daily, and is dedicated to his practice.

This drive and commitment has been featured in Creative Boom, Texas Monthly, Channel Kindness, D-Magazine, @aatonau,, and others. Brand commissions and collaborations include Michaels Stores, The Texas Rangers, Demdaco, Mohawk Industries and Crayola to name a few. His art is featured in the US and abroad in both private and corporate collections. Charlie has exhibited in the US, Mexico, and the UK. 


Charlie French is a long time supporter of the Down syndrome community. In Q1 2023, his donations raised over $10k for organisations supporting disabled children and adults.